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The ecosystem enabler, United SMEs Association of Kenya in partnership with Jubilant Stewards of Africa (JSA) the organizer of the Pacesetters Awards International and other development partners is set to host an International Business Sustainability Conference & Exhibition from the 27th to the 29th of June 2024 at the University of Nairobi Chancellor’s Court, in Nairobi Kenya. This international conference aims to bring together the best developers’ elites, brands, technology providers, innovators, business crusaders and consumers looking to set the pace in the advanced world of technology. Over 500 firms from the five continents are expected to exhibit and be present at the conference.

“International Business Sustainability Exhibition looks forward to providing firms from various sectors of the global economy with an opportunity to showcase their technological inventions and solutions. It allows the institutions to gain visibility and reach a wider audience including potential customers. During the Expo, various firms and entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to network with other global institutions, industry experts, and potential collaborators which will help them better their business prospects. The event will feature industry-specific conferences, panel discussions, and keynote speeches, which will help to gain insights into the latest business trends, market developments, and emerging prospects. The expo will greatly impact advocating for the interests and needs of attendees and exhibitors, various stakeholders and key players of mid-sized and SME multinationals to address their specific requirements.,” said Jared Oundo, the National Coordinator and Secretary General of the United SMEs Association of Kenya.

The United SMEs Association of Kenya is a not-for-profit organization committed to assisting Small & Medium Enterprises in connecting and promoting their businesses for a more profitable and sustainable future. Renowned for organizing the Pacesetters Awards International, Jubilant Stewards of Africa has successfully hosted the awards in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, with plans to extend the event to South Africa and later London.

According to the organizers, the expo will provide a unique platform for information sharing, cooperation, networking, and marketing of innovative products and services, with an emphasis on the theme “Investing in the Future”. The Expo will create an ideal ground for developing partnerships, stimulating creativity, and instigating solutions for harnessing the full potential of businesses across various industries. Throughout the event, there will be fascinating panel discussions, conferences, keynote speeches by leading and award-winning industry professionals, product demonstrations, and exhibition booths showcasing cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, and incredible success stories. The papers presented during the conference will be published in various international journals that are partnering with the duo.


Dr. Mary Boniface, the Chief Executive Officer of Jubilant Stewards of Africa, announced that the organization will be supporting the expo and conference as part of its objective to create innovative solutions that enhance agriculture. These solutions aim to provide efficient, reliable, and affordable technology and services that offer superior quality, and high performance, and exceed beneficiaries’ expectations profitably, in accordance with the organization’s constitution.

During a meeting with stakeholders in Naivasha, Jared Oundo emphasized that the Expo serves as a platform where diverse sectors come together under one roof, facilitating open discussions on critical issues and market trends. Notable highlights include sessions dedicated to policy and regulation updates, ensuring attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of the current business landscape. Additionally, the expo places a strong emphasis on professional development, offering a plethora of workshops, seminars, and educational sessions aimed at enhancing attendees’ skills. Within this dynamic setting, ideas are conceived, alliances are forged, and innovation thrives – showcasing the profound impact of cross-industry collaboration.

The pinnacle will be very helpful in showcasing the inventions that have been made by various companies. As the world is recovering from Covid 19 pandemic shock and the hypereconomy situation, the world business structure has been subject to changes due to globalization and climate, environmental, and economic changes. Players and stakeholders regard it as important to always ensure that businesses continue to maintain the status quo to provide certainty. Consequently, constant calls for sustainability in businesses coupled with the digital economy have been made. The digital economy is the economic model that emerged when high-quality and internet-driven products and services were available across the globe.

Speaking in Kampala, Uganda, Dr. Byakatonda Abdulhu, the Workers’ MP, stated that the event will have a significant impact on regional integration and business sustainability. He emphasized the aim to promote international trade in Africa and beyond. During a benchmarking session in Nairobi, Kenya, with fellow MPs, it became evident that there is a pressing need for companies to connect as one, recognizing the interconnectedness of our global village. Bringing together esteemed professionals, thought leaders, and industry experts from across the globe, the conference offers a platform to exchange ideas, foster collaborations, and address the most pressing challenges confronting businesses today. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Nairobi, attendees will engage in thought-provoking discussions, participate in interactive workshops, and explore new avenues for growth and development.

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