Acquire your new Electric Vehicle in 90 Days

Are you in the market for your next car? Have you been wondering where to start with the process of acquiring your dream car?

How about the cost of maintaining and operating the car especially in this economic state? I know you are also thinking about cutting that cost of Fueling the car with the fuel prices maintaining a steady increase.

We sought out to find out the best way to own a cost-effective car from experts, while considering the emerging trends globally.

According to Eve Maina, Go-Electric Corporate Director, new car owners have to consider the total cost of ownership and the reputation of the local dealers before making the decision and settling for that new car.

            Total Cost of Ownership

Owning a car does not end at the initial cost of buying the asset but also includes the cost of fueling daily, maintenance and repairs. With growth in technology, there are available options that compete on low total cost ownership besides other luxury additions. With this in mind, Electric Vehicles are leading the pack and consumers globally are finally adopting EVs which offer among the lowest cost of ownership.

While the initial cost of ownership for Electric Cars in the market is higher than the common internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, the long term cost of operating the two differs greatly. Electric Cars are charged with readily available electricity, which is cheap while ICE cars rely on either petrol or diesel, whose prices have been on an upwards trajectory for the last couple of years.

Comparatively, Electric Vehicles are only spending 30% of the cost to operate the same distance as ICEs. This can be higher considering the efficiency of the battery technology adopted by the car manufacturer.

In terms of maintenance, EV cars have negligible maintenance cost compared to the normal ICE cars. According to Ms. Maina, EV cars have fewer moving parts since they are Electricity powered and use a motor, while petrol and engine cars experience a lot of wear and tear from engine fuel combustion.

            Reputation of Local Dealers

One of the major challenges to new car owners is the reliance on third parties to import their cars. This is largely because our market is heavily reliant on imports since our local production cannot meet the existing demand.

According to Ms. Maina, many first-time car owners have fallen victims of unscrupulous car dealers and ended up losing their hard-earned money.

“It is critical for you to get car import services from reputable companies in the market for you to get value for money. Your car ownership journey will go smoothly when you rely on honest and reputable brands.” Ms. Maina said.

Considering the Covid-19 Pandemic caused a lot of issues in the global import-export value chain, market knowledge and existing relationships with car manufacturers is an important aspect for your car dealer. Breaks in the value chain have seen the lead time for importing a new car go to around 6 months up from the 90 days many importers had been used to.

Since global trends are pointing towards an increased uptake of Electric vehicles, with India and China leading the way having put a deadline on ownership of EV cars, it is only logical that a new car owner thinks about this shift.

Go-Electric, a leading Electric Car Company in the region with their UTU car brand, is one of the companies making car ownership for new owners an enjoyable process by:

  1. Partnering with International Logistics companies of repute to deliver your Electric car within 90 days of ordering. The company has a reputation in the transport and logistics sector in the larger East African region spanning many years that they have put in measures to mitigate the disruptions caused in the market.
  2. Giving you the options to customize your vehicle at the point of purchase. Their very friendly customer experience lets you decide the car colors, interior aspects, speed limits and many other aspects before shipping and delivery is done to your convenience.
  3. Adopting innovative Financing models that mitigate the initial higher cost of asset acquisition. The company lets you enjoy the benefits of a low cost of ownership by tailor making competitive asset financing products fit for all customers in the region.
  4. Providing other allied services that are critical to maintaining an Electric car. The company has an elaborate network for the distribution of spare parts and technicians to handle maintenance and repairs to keep your mind at ease as a new Electric Vehicle owner.

As you shop for your next car, it is worth considering owning an Electric Car based on the major benefits compared to the second hand petrol or diesel car. Interestingly, it will only take you 90 days to own a fully custom made Electric car from Go-Electric. In the process, you will play your part as a global citizen reducing pollution from fossil fuels and increasing reliance on renewable energy.

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